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Crypto Faucets

We offer free crypto-coins to everyone through our many facuets! We currently offer 14 different coins that you can claim every hour!

Offer Walls

We offer a large selection of offerwalls to help you earn more. Earn by watching videos, taking surveys, trying out a new game, or even just cliking a link!

Referral Income

Get your friends and family to join and you will earn a percentage of all of their earnings!

Bitcoin Games

We have a few unique games that can't be found anywhere except our website! Wager the coins you earn for huge payouts!

Earn More with CryptoClaimer

With over a dozen ways to earn crypto-coins and more being added regularly, you will never run out of things to do or coins to earn!

More Features

Check out a few more of our many unique features!


We offer multiple lotteries you can participate in free of charge! The lottery prize increases every time someone claims free coins!

Browser Miner

With our in-browser mining system you can mine for your favorite crypto-coins using your computer processing power, dirrectly from your internet broswer!


Our internal exchange system allows you to exchnage any coin for another. Got bitcoin but need litecoin? No problem. Exchange all 14 coins offered on our website!

And much more!

We regularly add new functions, ways to earn, and content on our website! You won't want to miss out and all this!

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